The promise of a new Riddick continues with some cool concept art

When Vin Diesel gave a RIDDICK update a couple months ago on his implausibly popular Facebook page (26.5 million fans), the actor seemed somewhat hesitant to slip on the goggles again -- he claimed that production could conceivably start this summer, but the budget (and his paycheck) would be stripped pretty lean.

But Diesel is still teasing fans of his intergalactic badass, this time with some nifty new concept art (above) from PITCH BLACK and CHRONICLES director David Twohy, who was also recently beating the drum about getting the third RIDDICK rolling.

A previous draft of the sequel put our our apathetic anti-hero on a barren alien planet, where he had to deal with lethal indigenous lifeforms and a crew of mercenaries before heading to his homeworld of Furya for final retribution. Of course, the story may have since changed due to budgetary concerns and the natural evolution of the process.

Diesel is in serious demand after the global box office blast of FAST FIVE, with a sixth already in the works, along with an untitled project from the writers of UNKNOWN and a family action-comedy called THE MACHINE, in which the Vin-man will play a reactivated military robot who befriends a kid. With luck, he'll also find the time, funds and motivation to give us another RIDDICK...

Extra Tidbit: Take a look at "Multi-Facial", Diesel's first writer-director-actor work RIGHT HERE.



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