The Punisher Netflix series gets a bullet-riddled poster

One of the most exciting elements to come out of DAREDEVIL season two was the inclusion of The Punisher, played with cool stoicness and ferocity by Jon Bernthal. Fans loved his interpretation and depiction, especially the fact they had him murdering folks like a mo-fo. Now he’s getting his own solo series, a series for which a sweet fan poster was made, to the point where I think Marvel should just pay the man (artist Giuseppe Spinelli‏). And yes, it is appropriately bullet-riddled.

Though there’s no exact release date we know the show will debut this this year. THE DEFENDERS comes out August 18, so we can probably expect it sometime towards the end of the year, considering we have yet to see any sort of footage that would hint it’s coming this summer.

Bernthal’s Punisher was perhaps the best part of the second season of DAREDEVIL. It gave the series a greater sense of grittiness and, needless to say, glorious violence. His portrayal of the vigilante is the version of the character we never got from the movies, which spent less time getting into the meat of the character and more time splattering henchman meat on the screen.

THE PUNISHER debuts on Netflix this year.

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