The Punisher's Bernthal & Woll would like to crossover into the MCU

In leading up to the release of Marvel's THE PUNISHER, stars Jon Bernthal and Deborah Ann Woll recently dropped by ABC's studios to talk about the upcoming comic book action drama. Among a series of questions that were fired off, the conversation eventually turned toward the possibility of both actors one day becoming a part of Marvel's major cinematic universe.

While both Bernthal and Woll were quick to say that they'd be game for the opportunity, each had stated that some conditions would need to be met before either of them would consider making the jump. "I love this character, if it was written well, I would do it anywhere with anyone, preferably with Jon Bernthal all the time," said Woll. "It depends on how it's written, if it's done well."

Bernthal then lended his opinion to the conversation by saying, "For me, I think Frank's, he's really in my heart, in my blood and my bones," Bernthal said. "I care about him and I feel for him. I want him done right. If that's taken care of."

It's quite clear from the above statements that both Bernthal and Woll have a mutual and binding respect for one another, as well as for their characters. As for their crossing over into the MCU proper, I'd be willing to entertain that idea, if only to see what would happen when both worlds collide. How would Karen fit into the bigger picture? Would she become a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative? Perhaps she could train to be a double agent under Black Widow's instruction? How would Tony or Steve react to Frank's ruthless approach toward seeking justice? You have to admit, the stories that could come from both camps being paired together would be interesting to say the very least.

You can catch the latest adventures of Frank Castle and Karen Page when Marvel's THE PUNISHER debuts on Netflix beginning on November 17th.

Source: ABC



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