The Raid director Gareth Evans was interested in making a Hit-Girl movie

While chatting it up with IGN, creator Mark Millar again said a third KICK-ASS probably isn't going to happen, since KICK-ASS 2 didn't make as much money as the first film. However, the bigger news is there were talks of a solo Hit-Girl movie, and THE RAID director Gareth Evans had a couple of conversations with Millar about helming the film.

Before Kick-Ass 2 came out we’d been talking about a Hit-Girl spin-off movie. We’d even talked to a director – we had a couple of calls with Gareth Evans, who I absolutely love. He’s an amazing director. But Gareth’s now busy. Matthew [Vaughn] still floats it occasionally. I’m very philosophical about it – I’ve done my books and I’m really happy with the work and happy with the films. If anything else happens – gravy.

A Hit-Girl movie directed by Gareth Evans sounds too awesome for words, but even if Evans wasn't busy and the studio was down for it, last year Chloe Moretz said she's done playing the character.

Mark Millar also says while he's not going to be writing any more Kick-Ass stories, he is open to doing a few more Hit-Girl comics. Be warned though, there might be some slight spoilers ahead for those of you haven't read Kick-Ass 3.

Dave Lizewski’s journey had to have an ending because the way I looked at it is if you don’t have Batman’s money or Superman’s powers, you’re going to end up dead pretty fast” he explained. “So the idea of Kick-Ass #520 is ridiculous because he’s going to have been killed in issue 45 or something. So I had to give it a conclusion. For people who haven’t read the book I don’t want to spoil it, but Kick-Ass 3 is the end of Dave’s story.

Now Mindy is another thing – there could be more stuff going on with Mindy. There could be other people who are going to be Kick-Ass as well – that’s hinted at at the end of Kick-Ass 3. But for Dave it’s all over, that’s it. And for me it’s all over as well probably.

I'm not too bummed a sequel to Jeff Wadlow's KICK-ASS 2 is more than likely dead and Millar is finished with the comics, but now all I can think of is how a Gareth Evans directed HIT-GIRL would have looked like. It may sound fantastic on paper, however I am kind of glad Evans is instead working on other projects.

Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (based on Mark Millar's The Secret Service series) opens on February 13, 2015.

Source: IGN



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