The reign of Claire begins in teaser for House of Cards' final season

The latest season of HOUSE OF CARDS is the most talked about since the show’s earliest seasons, and it’s because this time around it’s Robin Wright leading the charge after the firing of Kevin Spacey last year. In the final season her character, Claire Underwood, takes on the burden of responsibility after the loss of her husband, Spacey’s Frank Underwood, but don’t think for a second this intimidates or even remotely upsets her. No, as the first teaser for the show proves, Claire knows her reign is only just beginning.

Spacey’s firing caused a massive production overhaul last year, pushing back the release date back several months. We got a small tease for the show not too long ago, showing Claire standing over the grave of Frank, mocking him and saying how much better for the world she’ll be. In this longer teaser, we get a sense of just how prepared she was for his demise, with actors Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear making their series debuts.

This time around the season has the dual responsibility of showing Claire in power while bringing the events of the entire series to a close. This sounds quite daunting from a writing standpoint, but for the viewers, it will hopefully make for terrific viewing filled with scandal, deception, tension-filled conversations and, if we're lucky, some good ol' fashioned murder.

HOUSE OF CARDS season six also stars Cody Fern, Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver and hits Netflix November 2. 

Source: Netflix



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