The Riddick sequel you demanded will finish shooting today

Chronicles of Riddick Banner

After being teased again and again by plotlines and pictures and more pictures, today marks the end of the principal photography period for RIDDICK.  Star, D & D player, and all around nice guy Vin Diesel had this to say on his Facebook page yesterday about the matter:

"Tomorrow is the last day of principal photography... and you who have willed this rated "R" Riddick into being, will be proud.

Universal is so excited about what they have been seeing that they are now making me especially excited to see the finished film...


When is the release date Uni?... Our page wants to know.


P.s. Thanks for the positivity you bring... it makes it all worth it."

I'm sincerely stoked for this.  I enjoyed both PITCH BLACK and THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK for different reasons, and seeing as how RIDDICK is meant to be a marriage of the two I couldn't be more pleased.  So let us know when we can see it, Universal! I need sustenance to sate my appetite for more engaging and original Sci-Fi stories!

And here's the picture which accompanied Diesel's post:

Vin Diesel

Extra Tidbit: Reportedly Vin Diesel was able to convince Judi Dench to play D & D with him and Karl Urban while shooting THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. That might be my new definition of awesome.
Source: Facebook



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