The Ring 3(D)?

Color me unenthused for this latest bit of news, which concerns the continued ravaging of one of my favorite horror films ever. According to Bloody Disgusting, there is now brand new "talk" concerning a potential third installment of THE RING, with the aid of glorious 3D. This "talk" surely originated once a far shittier horror franchise (FINAL DESTINATION) managed to blow up the box office with its latest 3D installment, and they figured THE RING might be able to do the same.

I’m thoroughly not amused by such a prospect, as the sequel to THE RING was one of the biggest drop-offs in quality I’ve ever seen in a series. I will fight to the death that the Gore Verbinski’s first film actually surpassed the original RINGU in quality, and is a new horror classic. But with already one horrendous sequel tainting that achievement, I’m not sure I could handle another one…especially in 3D.

Even though this is just at the conception phase, I have little doubt that we’ll see it on screen eventually, along with a 3D installment of more than likely every other horror franchise ever made. We’re already getting HALLOWEEN 3D next year, and I’ll bet you $50 you’ll be wearing 3D glasses walking into SAW VII as well.

Extra Tidbit: As of now, I hate 3D, if you couldn’t tell. I’m hoping AVATAR will change my mind.



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