The Road delayed?

If you've been anxious to see an exceptionally grimy Viggo Mortensen and his kid travel post-apocalyptic America in the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's bleak novel THE ROAD, you may be waiting a bit longer.

The movie was intended for release in November (making it viable for possible/likely Oscar contention), but director John Hillcoat must be running low on teeth gunk and other filth to slap on things. The word is that the movie is "in post [production] and decidedly not done," potentially necessitating a release shift to next year.

The goal is to get it on at least a few screens in December, keeping it in the running for awards... but the movie is also coming from Dimension/The Weinstein Co., who have become synonymous with delayed (or non-existent) movie releases.

The movie involves The Vig taking his son across the grim futuristic landscape, contending with gangs of scavengers, cannibals and generally unpleasant and unwashed people.

Extra Tidbit: While you wait, just watch THE ROAD WARRIOR a few more times.
Source: EWTHR



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