The Rock accelerates into the Fast and the Furious franchise

Five times the tires, five times the beef, five times the furiosity. It's the fifth FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie, because you apparently demanded it.

The latest nitrous-powered testosterone injection, going by the handle FAST FIVE, not only brings back the original Paul Walker/Vin Diesel manwich but also 2 FAST's Tyrese Gibson.

And just to throw in a bit more sweaty muscle, Dwayne "Ex-The Rock" Johnson will add his own horsepower.

The previously rumored Johnson is now confirmed to grip the stick shift as a lawman chasing down the fugitives and their flashy vehicles. Perhaps Johnson had already built up momentum from his own action flick FASTER.

TOKYO DRIFT and FAST AND FURIOUS director Justin Lin is back for more vehicular obsession, this time in places like Brazil and Puerto Rico. Previous reports imply the movie will be (surprise) released in 3D some time in Summer 2011, with a sixth already being planned. With Jordana Brewster, let's hope. Vroom.

Extra Tidbit: Meanwhile, Paul Walker is still waiting/dreading the release of TAKERS.
Source: Collider



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