The Rock in talks to star in G.I. Joe 2

Well, GI JOE 2 might be losing most of its original cast, but at least a few folks are sticking around, and the film might have just gotten a big new pick-up.

According to Deadline The Rock is in talks to pick up the role of a character named "Roadblock," which seems appropriate given his general shape and size. A quick Google reveals that the character is African American and a heavy machine gunner. The Rock is half black, half Samoan, but I doubt most of the GI JOE audience would know the difference.

The new film is going to be in 3D and helmed by NEVER SAY NEVER's (yep) Jon M. Chu. According to the same report, Channing Tatum looks likely to reprise his role as Duke, though no word on what other characters would be returning with him, as it's been said a majority are NOT.

So, another GI JOE huh? Will you be more likely to see now that The Rock is involved? I thought the original was kind of stupid fun, but incredibly forgettable and definitely in no need of a sequel. But this is Hollywood, so sure enough, here are. And in 3D to boot.

Extra Tidbit: There weren't enough transforming robots to make the original a truly classic toy-based film.
Source: Deadline



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