The Rock's birthday cake might reveal what George will look like in Rampage

So yet another videogame movie is in the works that still somehow isn't TWISTED METAL. Alas, RAMPAGE - starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - is based on an old arcade game about three giant monsters fucking shit up. That's...literally the entire game. That's all you do. However, it was also fun as hell, so hopefully the film is too.

And while we've gotten our first look at the actor doing mocap for pre-giantized George (the ape's name in the game...even though in the game they were genetically modified human scientists), we don't know how he'll actually look in action. But now, it seems there might be a clue! Apparently The Rock celebrated his 45th birthday on set, and then sent an Instagram of the cake the cast and crew got for him. Let's take a look:

So...George is going to be an albino? That's certainly a departure from the games. On the other hand, since the production is so early, I doubt they've finalized what George will look like, so this could just have been a quick Photoshop job an intern did before sending it out to the cake artist, and that was the first image of "gorilla" that showed up. I don't know. We'll find out for sure once we get some official stills closer to release.

As for now, I've suddenly gotten the urge to get some cake...

Meanwhile, RAMPAGE will punch into theaters April 20th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Lizzie was always my favorite character to play as (which makes sense, as I like Godzilla better than King Kong).
Source: Instagram



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