The Rock talks Shazam

I remember once being in a pub quiz and being asked 'which superhero's catch-phrase is Shazam!?' In our team of ten, I said Captain Marvel, but was overruled in favour of six of the other team members who believed the answer was Foxy Cleopatra. In light of that, I don't know how much this is going to mean to anyone, but apparently, Dwayne Johnson (aka. The Rock) has been talking about the possibility of playing Captain Marvel in a movie adaptation:

"Listen, John August is writing the script and he's a tremendous writer, and I'll just wait for the script to come in. But I'd love to work with Pete (Segal) again, and certainly would want to work with John August. So there's a strong possibility."

Good idea? I'm not sure. I definitely don't hate the idea of it. I do know that I want to see SOUTHLAND TALES though, no matter how bad it might be.
Extra Tidbit: Joey Tribbiani's favourite actor is The Rock!
Source: Comingsoon.net



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