The Room biopic The Disaster Artist releases new trailer!

Like most bad-movie lovers, I am very well-versed in THE ROOM. There are many things that make THE ROOM special. There's the fact that the film makes no sense (why does Lisa keep calling Johnny a great guy in private if she hates him so much?), with random scenes that shouldn't have made the final cut (everything to do with the "me underwears" guy), and the crazy backstory (spending millions on this batshit vanity project). But, probably most importantly, is the enigmatic writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau, who has a unique presence, and unique "vision". He's been touted as our generation's Ed Wood for his many-hyphenates - and while I'm hesitant to give him that title when Neil Breen exists - I can definitely see the comparison.

And this newest trailer for THE ROOM biopic THE DISASTER ARTIST, directed James Franco (who also stars as Wiseau), looks to be upping the drama from the previous one. Which I think is great! I honestly can't wait! I was initially hesitant about Franco (who hasn't really made a great film yet, and who I was afraid would make Wiseau a caricature), but it looks like he nailed it. In any case, can't be any worse than THE ROOM.

Meanwhile, THE DISASTER ARTIST will tear theaters apart December 1st.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite scene in THE ROOM? Sound off below! Mine? The ransom inclusion of the friend in the final scene who becomes super important out of nowhere.
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