The Russos list Evans as The Nomad, share pic of Bucky holding Cap's shield

This morning, Joe and Anthony Russo dropped some mighty telling promotional material related to their upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR film for Marvel. The first comes by way of the creative duo's Instagram account, which appears to confirm that Steve Rogers will be suiting up as his disillusioned alter-ego, Nomad, for the tussle with the Mad Titan. Word of Rogers' change in identity for the new set of films has been a hot topic of discussion among fans in the lead up to the new movie, a theory that was given even more attention when in the midst of attending ACE Comic-Con in Phoenix, both Chris Evans and Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan were seen signing autographs that directly pointed to the Nomad character.


You can take a look at the new image shared by the Russos below. Those with a keen eye will reconize it as a spoof on the poster art for Anton Corbijn's 2010 crime thriller, THE AMERICAN, staring George Clooney:

Shortly after posting the curious one-sheet, the Russos wandered on over to their official Twitter account, where they then shared a photo of Sebastian Stan's The Winter Soldier holding the battle-torn sheild of his noble friend, Captain America.

You can see that posting for yourself below:  


Here's the question though, folks: What does it all mean? Are the Russos merely toying with us? Perhaps teasing us about the events to come? Is Captain America truly going die as a casualty of Marvel's Infinity War? Will Bucky pick up the shield and become the new Captain in AVENGERS: 4, or is all just a clever mis-direct for when Sam WIlson spreads his wings as the new Boy Blue? We'll have to wait for when AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives in theaters on April 27th to find out, though in the meantime, we invite you all to tell us your thoughts and theories using the comments section below!

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