The RZA reveals the very cool poster for The Man With the Iron Fists!

The Man With the Iron Fists header

From the moment THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS was announced I assumed that "iron fists" was metaphorical. Then yesterday's gore-tastic picture dropped and it could be seen that there might be something more to the title other than metaphor.  Now today's fantastic first poster for the flick confirms those suspicions - the "Iron Fists" of the title in fact refers to legitimate iron fists.

Legitimate iron fists.  Which is actually absolutely awesome.  This is one of those projects that keeps getting better and better the more I hear about/see of it, and despite my mixed feelings about the tagline I'm prepared to just sit in front of my computer until the trailer becomes available.

The Man With the Iron Fists first poster

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Kung Fu: on a scale of 9-10, 9 being amazing and 10 being even more amazing than the normal sort of amazing, how would you rate KUNG FU HUSTLE?
Source: RZA



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