The RZA takes you behind the bloody action of The Man With the Iron Fists

Nothing about THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS says subtlety. Flying eyeballs, broken limbs, blood, blood, and more blood. THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS will not win any Oscars, but it sure as hell looks like a fun time at the movies.

I have always been a fan of The RZA going back to his Wu-Tang days. GHOST DOG was the first time I saw him in a movie, albeit briefly. His Bobby Digital albums exuded a cinematic quality. I always knew the guy was going to make a movie some day. I am impressed with what THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS has shown us in the trailers so far.

This featurette is titled "A Slice Above" and delves into the hardcore violence on display in the movie. When The RZA says Lucy Liu or Russell Crowe is "gonna f*ck you up" I believe it.

Plot: On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers.

Much like the SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS featurettes, this one looks like a bunch of actors having a lot of fun. They all seem to be enjoying the over the top gore and don't shy away from it. I am very excited for this movie.

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS opens up a can of whoop ass on November 2nd

Source: YouTube



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