The Scooby Premiere

Walking the Red Carpet with...

by John Gunn

Unless you’ve been locked up in your basement for the past month, reading comics and living off Nabisco and Pepsi products, you’ve no doubt seen at least one of the gazillion SCOOBY-DOO trailers plastered all over the TV networks.  Thankfully, the madness should end soon. Over 30 years after the original cartoon “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!” aired on CBS’ Saturday morning lineup, it’s finally time for that talking great dane and his kooky Mystery, Inc sidekicks to make the jump to the big screen. On June 14th, Warner Brothers’ take on the kids show will open nationwide. On Saturday I lost my online writing virginity at the movie’s world premiere. Here’s the scoop on who was there, and what I saw…

When I first got there I took my assigned place in the online section of “press row” which, in all honesty, means find the very back corner of the media aisle along the red carpet and head for it….with your tail between your legs. The guest list we got beforehand was a who’s who of Hollywood, with stars like Matthew Perry, Forest Whitaker, Garth Brooks, Jamie Foxx, and Busta Rhymes expected to attend. Unfortunately, nobody showed, except for a few no-namers.

The first contributor to the film to arrive was James Gunn (yes, that’s right…a fellow clansman), clad in plaid bell-bottoms that looked like they were stolen from the film’s costume bin. He wrote SCOOBY-DOO and, given his last name, is obviously a genius in the making. In all seriousness, though, he was totally cool and insightful. “I wanted to take the characters and explore facets of the characters that we weren’t able to see in a 22-minute cartoon,” he said. “The movie investigates the relationship between Shaggy and Scooby.”

Next came the only real surprise of the morning, but a big one nonetheless…Gene Simmons from KISS. Even sans the makeup, he’s still a pretty scary-looking dude. I wish I could report that he said something interesting, but I can’t. He was pretty much there to promote his new magazine, Tongue. He even had a copy of it with him. No joke. It’s motto: Sex, Style, and Rock n Roll.  Nice, Gene. A perfect role model for all the children in attendance.

After Simmons came a few other nameless faces. Then came Freddie Prinze, Jr, who plays Fred in the movie, and Sarah Michelle-Gellar, who plays Daphne. Both had an entourage with them, and neither gave us bottom-feeders in online press the time of day. Surprisingly, the couple wasn’t holding hands or smooching at all. They both seemed to have a business-as-usual attitude. One side note: I was very surprised by how petite she, especially considering she slays vampires for a living.

I did get a quick question into Matthew Lillard, the goofy, off-the-wall actor from SCREAM and THIRTEEN GHOSTS.  He plays Shaggy in the film and is pretty much the only one with lines in any of the previews. He said doing horror movies is easy. It’s comedy that’s tough. And this comedy was even tougher, what with a computer-generated pooch and all. “There wasn’t much timing between me and the dog,” he said.

The biggest stiff of the day was dealt by Scooby himself.  Rumors were floating around that he butted heads during the production with Raja Grosnell, the director, and wasn’t  happy with the final cut. He never showed, but I did get to speak with Neil Fanning, the voice of Scooby. He kept breaking into the voice in his interviews and, to be quite frank, it was scary. Here’s a bit of trivia: Scooby is actually Australian. Fanning was born and raised in the land down under, and has a pretty thick accent.

Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures from the event (nabbed these off the Net). I’m sure that doesn’t make the Freddie fanatics out there very happy. In the end a good time was had by all, but we’ll see if I’m still claiming that after seeing the movie.

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