The second trailer for Scary Movie 5 throws in homages to Mama, Sinister, and Evil Dead

If you weren't already excited to see SCARY MOVIE 5, now you will be even less so. The latest trailer for the horror spoof movie is just as desperate and redundant as the last one. But, the filmmakers decided to shift the focus from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and add some more recent horror references, namely SINISTER, MAMA, INSIDIOUS, and the remake of EVIL DEAD.

I can't help but say this movie is missing the finesse and skill of the Wayans family who brought at least some funny moments to the first movies in the series. Since their departure, this just feels like a waste of film. But, apparently there is enough of an audience to warrant the movie.

Check out the trailer.

The classy affair replete with references to Honey Boo-Boo stars Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Katt Williams, Heather Locklear, Audrina Patridge, Simon Rex and Snoop Dog. Mike Tyson makes an appearance as you can see in the poster below. May god have mercy on our souls for this movie.

SCARY MOVIE 5 limps into theaters on April 12.


Source: Screen Crush



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