The sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman finds itself on the fast track

Snow White and the Huntsman character banner

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN lies in the interesting shadow land of being a success that isn't quite an original idea and isn't quite a remake either. But whatever it is audiences have responded well enough with their wallets to warrant the fast tracking of a sequel, and so that's exactly what Universal is going to do.

David Koepp (PREMIUM RUSH, SPIDER-MAN) has been commissioned to draft a script while Universal talks with Rupert Sanders about returning, as he has expressed interest in doing so.  Sanders came as part of a package with the project when it was first pitched, and so unlike Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth his contract was only for the one movie.  But word is that he's inclined to return and Universal is inclined to have him, so that's all well and good. 

The good news is that any frustrations detractors have had with the movie regarding plot or character development have a good chance of being remedied in the sequel, as this time there's no game of chicken being played with another studio to get out of the gate first and still have enough time to actually make a movie.  Meaning Koepp will have plenty of time to flesh out his script as much as he wants, so yay for that.

Charlize Theron rocks

Extra Tidbit: I think I've posted more pictures of Charlize Theron than any other actress, and I am 100% okay with that.



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