The Simpsons have been renewed for two more seasons

It's true, they'll never stop The Simpsons. The (extremely) long-running animated series created by Matt Groening is currently in the midst of its 30th season, and it seems that The Simpsons will be around for a little longer as Fox has renewed the series for a 31st and 32nd season. Wow.

This renewal will bring the animated series to a whopping 713 episodes. "Woo hoo! 32 Seasons! Watch your back 'Meet the Press,'" Homer Simpson said in a statement. With Disney's acquistion of 21st Century Fox just over the horizon, there was a question regarding whether or not Fox would keep the series going. According to Variety, The Simpsons have traditionally been a loss leader for Fox Broadcasting Company as costs have increased over the years, but those losses have typically been offset by the money which the series makes for the studio. Once the Disney deal is complete however, FBC and 20th Century Fox will no longer be sharing costs, meaning that FBC will have to "stomach the [full] costs" of The Simpsons for the first time.

Although it will certainly be a strange world when The Simpsons finally does come to an end, part of me was hoping that the 30th season would be its last. It seems like an impressive number to close the curtain on and the franchise could continue with a feature film every few years.

Will you still be watching The Simpsons as it continues for at least two more seasons?



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