The Sopranos prequel has placed a hit on a Fall 2020 release date

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The date of September 25, 2020 might want to book a plane ticket to a foreign country and get the hell out of Dodge, because THE SOPRANOS prequel, now titled NEWARK, has called for a hit on the Fall 2020 window as the day for its theatrical release.

Directed by Alan Taylor, and starring Alesandro Nivola, Vera Farmiga, Ray Liotta, Jon Bernthal, Corey Stoll, Billy Magnussen, John Magaro and Michael Gandolfini, NEWARK is set in the era of the Newark riots in the ’60s, when African Americans and Italian Americans in the city were at each other’s throats. That clash became lethal when it spread to gangsters of each group.

According to sources, Nivola will play a young Dickie Moltisanti, the late father of Christopher Moltisanti (portrayed by Michael Imperioli) and cousin of Carmela Soprano. While fans of THE SOPRANOS will recall that Dickie was never a part of the original series - on account of him dying before the events took place - his contributions to the rise of mob law in the Tri-State area hang over the organization like a stool pigeon off an eleventh floor balcony. Back in the day, Dickie used to run with Tony and Uncle Junior, bustin' knee caps, organizin' shakedowns, and making people sleep with the fishes, see? In other words, he's a bad ass marmalook that you do not want to cross.

As a way of adding authenticity to the long-awaited prequel, THE SOPRANOS series creator David Chase is co-producing and writing NEWARK with Lawrence Konner.

Do yourself a favor, and don't be a stunad by missing your chance to see NEWARK when it lands in theaters on September 25, 2020. That is of course if you prefer that your kneecaps remain intact, see? M'yeah!



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