The stakes are raised in the trailer for season 2 of The Strain

Last year, Guillermo Del Toro adapted his best-selling novel series The Strain into an FX television series alongside Lost and Bates Motel showrunner Carlton Cuse. The resulting series was frustrating for many as it had all the hallmarks of a good vampire story but just could not stick the landing. There were lapses in logic and frustrating plot twists that didn't pan out, but the show was still a success for FX and returns for season two this summer. We now have a look at the first trailer for the upcoming season.

Returning are stars Corey Stoll, Mia Maestro, and David Bradley as they contend with the outbreak of the vampire plague and the presence of The Master in New York City. The other supporting players are all back as well and the show looks to pick up exactly where it left off. It is hard to tell if Cuse and Del Toro adjusted anything in the wake of fan and critical reaction to the first season but judging from this trailer they are sticking close to their original vision.

I liked the books even if I found them to be a bit derivative of both Dracula and Del Toro's own BLADE II. The design of The Master was somewhat laughable, so I am a little sad to see they didn't bother to fix that or Corey Stoll's awful hairpiece. I will still tune in to see where the show goes this season but I have set the bar much lower than I did last year.

The Strain debuts on FX this Summer.

Source: YouTube



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