The Super Bowl, now available over the internets

Well, TV, it was a good run. 

The NFL have announced today that they'll be streaming the biggest event in the U.S. over that crazy series of tubes we love so much. 

Along with the playoffs and Pro Bowl, the big game will be streamed online on NBCSports.com and NFL.com through "SNF Extra", which will feature an HD broadcast, DVR-style controls, additional camera angles, in-game highlights, live stats and other interactive elements.

It's not likely to be a competitor for the TV stream, at least not yet. NBC's usual Sunday night game average around 200,000- 300,000 viewers online compared to 21 million for the telecasts. But with more and more people dumping cable and getting everything they need via streaming services, is this the beginning of the end?

Last year's Super Bowl drew 111 million viewers, so it will be fascinating to see how many people tune into their computers (um) for the big day. Super Bowl 46: The Quickening is set for February 5th in Indianapolis. 

Source: NFL.com



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