The Superbowl studio advertisers have been announced and they are...

Whether or not you've been caught up in the whole "Tebow is awesome/Tebow sucks ass" debate in the National Football League this season, you know that most of you will gather around a TV set on Sunday February 5th for this year's Superbowl featuring Tebow's Denver Broncos vs the Green Bay Packers (I kid, I kid -- then again, you never know!). Not necessarily to watch football, mind you, as the ads that run during the Superbowl (which cost an estimated $4 million for a 30-second spot this year) are generally more anticipated by many, than the game itself.

This year, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures have announced that they will be running commercials during the broadcast (aka TV spots for their films), although they haven't announced which films they will be promoting. If we had to guess, we'd have to believe that JOHN CARTER, BATTLESHIP (you heard me), THE AVENGERS and GI JOE 2: RETALIATION would be the most likely candidates. Relativity Media will also be running a TV spot, but Fox, Warner Bros (no DARK KNIGHT RISES) and Sony Pictures have decided to sit this one out this year. Lionsgate will not even be promoting their latest possible franchise wonder, THE HUNGER GAMES. Weird...

Extra Tidbit: Tim Tebow is a devout Christian, left-handed, 24 years of age and a virgin.



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