The Sword in the Stone gets a live-action remake from Game of Thrones writer

Really? Really?! Can we just...really?? A new day has dawned and with it brings yet another in the increasingly long line of live-action Disney remakes. Per THR, the next Disney film to get the live-action remake will be THE SWORD IN THE STONE, the 1963 animated film about a young King Arthur and his tutor, the wizard Merlin.

As with most of the recently announced live-action Disney remakes, the development of THE SWORD IN THE STONE is still in the early stages but Bryan Cogman has already been tapped to pen the project. Cogman has been involved with HBO's Game of Thrones series since its first season and has written at least one episode a season since. Bryan Cogman is also writing the feature film adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, so I guess you could say that fantasy is...kinda his thing.

In addition to being one of the many Disney live-action remakes, THE SWORD IN THE STONE will also find itself as one of several King Arthur adaptations in various stages of development. Guy Ritchie's KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: KING ARTHUR is still filming and is said to be the first of a planned six-film franchise while Jonathan Liebesman has his own version in the works by the name of MAN AT ARMS.

Extra Tidbit: The Sword in the Stone was the final Disney animated feature to be released while Walt Disney was still alive.
Source: THR



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