The TDK script!

The security on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT was so tight that it's five weeks into the release of the movie and the script is just starting to make its way online now. That's pretty impressive. What's also pretty damn impressive is the script for THE DARK KNIGHT. Even if you've seen the movie, you could easily sit down, read this script and be just as engrossed.

The Joker. Sweaty clown makeup obscuring the AWFUL SCARS which widen his mouth into a permanent, ghoulish smile.

That's all it took in the script to introduce us to The Joker and make movie history. It's 167 pages but it feels tight and flows swiftly. Surely Heath Ledger and the film itself will be remembered during awards season, but let's not forget this screenplay. If you're into collectibles, you can also purchase a hardcover copy of the script that also includes production art from the film. Now you and your buds can pull your own Nolan and make a fan-version of THE DARK KNIGHT. So head to JoBlo's Movie Scripts page and download the DARK KNIGHT script!

Source: JoBlo.com



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