The team behind Hell or High Water will reunite for Netflix's Outlaw King

Now that Scott Stuber is the ringmaster behind Netflix's feature films, it's his job to give the green light to exciting new projects for the premiere streaming service to take under their wing. As one of his first endevours, Stuber has given the nod to the director and stars of HELL OR HIGH WATER as they plan to reunite for OUTLAW KING, an epic period drama that will share an alternate version of the Braveheart story based on Robert the Bruce, the king who led his country to freedom from the oppressive rule of England in Scotland.

While Netflix was reluctant to share any concrete details, the smoke on the street is that David MacKenzie (ASYLUM, DAMNATION) will direct the project with HELL OR HIGH WATER star Chris Pine in talks to star in the role of the Scottish king. Furthermore, it's being said that Ben Foster is in negotiations to step into the role of James Douglas, the Scottish knight who became the king's chief adviser. What we do know is that Mackenzie wrote the script, and that Sigma Films' Gillian Berrie is producing with Anonymous Content’s Richard Brown and Steve Golin. The cameras are scheduled to start rolling in Scotland in August of this year.

Reportedly, OUTLAW KING has become a long-time passion project for Mackenzie, whose desire to work alongside Pine and Foster has been known by those closest to him after receiving an impressive amount of high praise for HELL OR HIGH WATER. You can expect to hear more about this project as the details come rolling in and the cameras start working their magic on those long, Scottish summer days.

While you're waiting, why not check out HELL OR HIGH WATER starring Dale Dickey, Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, and William Sterchi? That film is available on Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray right now.

Extra Tidbit: Robert the Bruce stabbed John Comyn to death before the altar in a church.



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