The Thing prequel: details revealed and script reviewed

The prequel to THE THING has been described as a "companion piece" to Carpenter's classic, focusing on the body-hopping shape-changing alien as it decimates a Norwegian research base in Antarctica before being discovered by MacReady and friends. (It turns out the other base wasn't actually full of Norwegians, but whatever -- Mary Elizabeth Winstead is there, so let's concentrate on what's important.)

Our old chum, tireless movie scooper Patrick Sauriol over at Corona Coming Attractions, got hold of Ronald D. Moore's script, being directed by unpronounceable Dutch commercials guy Matthijs van Heijningen. While largely avoiding SPOILERS (below, maybe), he does reveal it seems faithful to the original's time period and base discoveries, and that we'll see the interior of the alien's spaceship, along with some unique (and shocking) transformations and creatures. There are also some comparisons to the script for the ditched Sci-Fi Channel sequel miniseries.

Like most movies, Sauriol says THE THING prequel will be made or broken by its director (along with producers, stars, editors and studio suits, of course). But the overall verdict goes a li'l something like this: "Alas, if there’s a major flaw in Moore’s story it’s that it doesn’t add anything new. We’ve seen this same story played out in the Carpenter movie; we watch the characters discover what the threat is they’re up against and then paranoia sets in amongst them as they freak out about who’s not really human anymore. The Thing’s goals aren’t any different in the prequel than the first film, which are to get out of isolation and absorb everything on the planet. There’s flamethrowers, sticks of dynamite and a snowstorm to cut off the base from the rest of the world. Ironically, in every way Moore’s Thing movie is perfect imitation of its originator when it’s really a franchise reboot that comes looking and sounding like it’s a prequel."

Check out the whole thing HERE!

Extra Tidbit: As recently as 2004, Carpenter was still interested in doing a THING sequel himself, focusing on Kurt Russell and Keith David's surviving characters, and explaining away the additional two decades of age as frostbite damage.



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