The Tick is super bulletproof, strong & ridiculous in new trailer

After what seems like an eternity (and a literal eternity in tick years), fans of THE TICK will finally get to see the blue, grandiose hero in an all new show airing on Amazon Prime. The show will debut through the service’s streaming apps and online on August 25, but if you’re dying to see some footage now then check out the new full trailer for the show below, featuring plenty of kicking, explosions, laughs and grandstanding. This is truly a ridiculous show.

THE TICK certainly isn’t a traditional superhero, and this show looks so over-the-top and silly that I feel like I need more of it in my life right now…like Shakespeare in the park being performed by trained squirrels. Amazon Prime has yet to get me in with any of their original programs, but THE TICK looks like it will branch out to folks like me who haven’t been reeled in by TRANSPARENT or MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. What can I say? I need people in costumes firing lightning bolts to keep my attention nowadays.

THE TICK starring Peter Serafinowicz arrives August 25.

Source: Amazon



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