The Tommyknockers movie finds a home at Universal

Stephen King tales are experiencing a bit of a resurgence at the box office, with the adaptation of "It" becoming the highest-grossing horror movie ever with over $700 million worldwide. Naturally, all the studios want in on their own cash behemoth to terrify audiences with, and Universal is the latest studio to nab a King property by acquiring the film rights to the upcoming adaptation of “The Tommyknockers.”

Deadline got the goods that after a serious bidding war between Universal, Sony, and Netflix that Uni. came out on top to release the film, which is being produced by James Wan (THE CONJURING, AQUAMAN), Roy Lee and Larry Sanitsky. Word is Wan could also take on directorial duties, but that has yet to be decided on.

The story of “Tommyknockers” centers on the residents of a town in Maine who start to be affected by a strange object in the woods, which is later learned to be of alien origin. This object emits a gas that can give those exposed special abilities while also making them extremely violent. One with a steel plate in his head is immune to these effects and must use this opportunity to save his town. You could say he's a very hard-headed hero. We have fun here.

King fever is certainly in the air, as this news is the second major development regarding a King property. Earlier this week we learned that Paramount is getting down with a PET SEMATARY movie with Jason Clarke eyed to star. I’m all for more King stuff as long as the material is given the respect it deserves, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Wan direct. His horror skills have gotten more refined over the years, and this would be some solid material to work with.

Source: Deadline



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