The trailer for +1 may just be the most unique high school party movie involving time travel ever made

We all have our favorite movies set during high school. Many of them focus on parties. Whether your favorite is SIXTEEN CANDLES, CAN'T HARDLY WAIT, SUPERBAD, WEIRD SCIENCE, or any others, the thing that makes them great is that we can relate to the varied characters from our own school lives. We have all dreamed of being the one who actually gets their dream girl or guy just like in the movies. +1 offers that same story, but with a twist.

If I had the chance to try to win my dream girl's affections a second time, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. But, if it resulted in some sort of time warp involving supernatural dopplegangers, I may have thought twice. That seems to be the central element to +1, at least I think so. The trailer opens like any other high school party movie but quickly deteriorates into a hellish nightmare of itself.

Why are there doubles and triples of everyone? Why do they act differently than their original selves? Generally in time travel scenarios, when you come into contact with your double, bad things happen. We are talking "crossing the streams" bad, and +1 insinuates that may happen here as well.

Coming from IFC Midnight, +1 may just be one of those limited run films that gets a big cult following On Demand and on cable. I am definitely intrigued to check it out after seeing this trailer. One of the most unique films to come out in some time.

+1 opens September 20th.

Source: Moviefone



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