The trailer for American Hero shows us what Hancock should have been

Melvin (Stephen Dorff), a reluctant hero who is far from super, has been suppressing his telekinetic powers for years with booze, drugs, and women. In the process, he has failed at practically everything, most of all as a parent to his son. After a brush with death, Melvin decides to use his powers for good and clean up the streets of New Orleans with the help of his best friend/definitely-not-a-sidekick, Lucille (Eddie Griffin). Check out the trailer for AMERICAN HERO, which shows us a superhero flick that HANCOCK probably should have been!

They've yet to nail the "scumbag superhero" in film yet, and while this trailer pretty much seems to lay out the entire plot, it looks like it could be a fun ride. After all, who better to play a scumbag than ZOOLANDER's Stephen Dorff? At the very least, it couldn't be any worse than HANCOCK.

AMERICAN HERO will see a limited release on December 11, 2015.

Source: Vertigo Films



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