The trailer for Hostel 3 brings the torture business to Las Vegas

I kinda forgot that a HOSTEL 3 was in the works but not only is it in the works but it's all done and set for release on DVD and Blu-ray this Christmas! (Wait, what?...)

Yes HOSTEL, PART III will hit stores on December 27th but Eli Roth didn't return to direct - Scott Spiegel (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2) is taking the honors this time around - and does not appear to be affiliated with the film (he's not even getting an executive producer credit).

But today we have the trailer for HOSTEL 3 and it's pretty much what you'd expect. Idiots getting drunk, lots of slow shots of someone picking up a sharp instrument, people squealing and screaming "NOOO!!!" and lots of rich guys looking pleased with themselves. It doesn't look like it strays too much from the HOSTEL formula, besides the fact that it takes place in America this time around during a bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

I will say that the new film sports an effective tagline - The House Always Wins. - but beyond that, I can't see much of interest here (frankly, there wasn't much of interest in HOSTEL, PART II). Take a look below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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