The trailer for Scary Movie 5 is the final nail in that franchise's coffin

Because you have all been clamoring for it, the trailer for SCARY MOVIE 5 is finally here!

Despite seven years since the fourth film, someone still thought it was a good idea to make another spoof of the horror genre that nobody asked for. The first couple of SCARY MOVIE titles were fun, but once it got to part 3, they just became tedious. Then the onslaught of spoofs like EPIC MOVIE completely trashed the subgenre.

Even SCARY MOVIE 5 suffers from having a trailer released after Marlon Wayans' A HAUNTED HOUSE has gotten two trailers online. Where A HAUNTED HOUSE focuses more on an urban humor, SCARY MOVIE 5 feels incredibly white-washed. All of the jokes appear to be related to INCEPTION, BLACK SWAN and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, movies that are not at the top of the pop culture list as they were a couple years ago. Even having Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan cameos seems to be too late to the game.

But, because you really want to see this movie, here is the trailer.

SCARY MOVIE 5 opens April 19. 2013.



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