The Trojan War comes to life in trailer for Netflix's Troy: Fall of a City

Wolfgang Petersen's TROY may not have been completely embraced by critics back in 2004, but I can't help but to love the outrageous spectacle it represented. The stunning battles, the gigantic sets, and the impressive fight between Hector (Eric Bana) and Achilles (Brad Pitt); there's certainly plenty to like about TROY, but there's also plenty which could be improved upon. Troy: Fall of a City is a co-production between BBC One and Netflix which spreads the story of the Trojan War and the love affair between Paris and Helen across eight episodes. The series has already begun to air in the United Kingdom, but the rest of us will get the chance to check it out when it lands on Netflix next month. The streaming service has released a new trailer to give us a taste of the swords and sandals epic, and while it doesn't look bad, it also doesn't feel like a must-watch. What do you folks think?

The official synopsis for Troy: Fall of a City:

An epic story of love and war, intrigue and betrayal. When Helen (Bella Dayne) and Paris (Louis Hunter) fall in love, they trigger a chain of events that threatens their families and the city of Troy. The myths surrounding the Trojan War are over 3,000 years old but have emotional depths and timeless themes of identity, love, revenge and belonging. Troy: Fall of a City grounds these primal myths in vivid psychological truth and explores the universal questions of human existence- how people battle to retain their love and humanity amidst the chaos and devastation of war.

Troy: Fall of a City will hit Netflix on April 6, 2018.

Source: Netflix



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