The upcoming ninth season of Doctor Who gets a kick ass new trailer

I got into Doctor Who late in the game with the Matt Smith era but have since turned into a massive fan of the British scifi series. Many of you may have stayed away from the series for fear of not understanding the sprawling mythology, but trust me that you can drop in at any time and join the ride. With new Doctor Peter Capaldi joining last season, the show is as fresh as it has ever been.

Coming off it's highest ratings since debuting on BBC America, the new season reunites Capaldi and Jenna Coleman while also featuring a high profile guest role for Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. The new season is just a month away from hitting televisions across the globe and we now have a brand new trailer showcasing the plots from the new batch of episodes.

In the new season — see the new key art at right — the Doctor and Clara embark on a journey that takes them to deadly alien planets, creepy underwater bases, Viking villages, a global Zygon uprising and through hidden alien dens, to the very end of time itself. Meeting monsters old and new, the Doctor will come face to face with Missy, a city of Daleks, deadly mercenaries called the Mire, terrifying ghosts and more.

Doctor Who reminds me a lot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in that the special effects may not always be cutting edge but the stories defy genre and have a wit and humor to them absent in a lot of genre shows. Even after 50 years on the air, Doctor Who feels as timely as ever. I am definitely looking forward to the new season even more thanks to this great trailer.

Doctor Who debuts new episodes on BBC America starting September 19th.

Source: YouTube



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