The very real Snake Outta Compton has released a very real first trailer

We’ve seen Jennifer Lopez fighting snakes, and snakes on planes, but I don’t think there’s ever been a giant snake on the loose in Compton. This is obviously not acceptable because if there’s anything you need right now at this very moment it’s a movie about a giant snake terrorizing a city as a bunch of aspiring rappers, an overtly stereotypical dweeb and white man with dreadlocks dealing with the fallout. Above is the very real trailer for SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON, a movie that indeed exists, and it looks absolutely bananas. Not only because there is a giant snake, but because the trailer tries to weave in the story about a group of musicians trying to make it in the rap game. Saying this is STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON meets SHARKNADO is a very accurate description, and as exactly as amazing as it sounds. 

Here is a plot synopsis, you know, in case what the trailer was lacking was a clear detailing of the plot:

A young rap group suddenly finds themselves up against a giant, mutated snake that threatens to destroy their search for stardom! Aided by two corrupt cops, a crazed gangster, and a mad scientist, the band has one thing to do before getting the record deal they need; get that motherf**kin’ Snake Outta Compton! Prepare yourself for dope ass beats, unfriendly fire, and the biggest, nastiest snake you’ve ever seen in this outrageous satire of creature features, urban gangster films, and hip hop culture.

SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON arrives summer 2018



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