The viral promotional materials for Prometheus keep on coming

Prometheus viral banner

Following on the artifically-constructed heels of our recent formal introduction to Michael Fassbender's anroid David 8 come these three posters that serve to share with you to the sorts of technology found in the world of PROMETHEUS.

They work quite nicely both as advertisement and illumination for anyone interested in those smaller details that can make or break the believability of a cinematic world, especially one that is an extension of our own, and while I may not put one of these on my wall or anything I'm very glad to have seen them and know what I now know.  You could say that it is touches like these that comprise another kind of 3D, one wherein I want to see the film that much more because the world itself has been deepened by efforts to draw me in and flesh out every little corner of the film's world with life, history, and character.

June 8th is the day, and there's absolutely no way that I'll miss it.

And now, without further ado:

Prometheus viral poster 1 small

Prometheus viral poster 2 small

Prometheus viral poster 3 small

Extra Tidbit: What has been your favorite part of the viral promotional campaign for PROMETHEUS thus far? My vote easily goes to Guy Pearce's "We Are the Gods Now" TED speech.
Source: IMP Awards



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