The Wachowskis next sci-fi action flick is Jupiter Ascending

Lana and Andy Wachowski are currently wrapping up CLOUD ATLAS, and now we know what they’re planning on doing next.

They’re reportedly heading back to what they’ve done best, and have come up with a new original creation in the form of the sci-fi action flick JUPITER ASCENDING. Outside of that title, almost no details about the project or know, other than it will try to get them back to their MATRIX roots, and production will begin this spring.

They’re currently hunting for an A-list star for the lead, and lord knows they have plenty to choose from in their recent cast of CLOUD ATLAS which stars Tom Hanks, Jim Sturgess, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving and Halle Berry. And I haven’t seen Keanu up to a whole lot recently other than eating sandwiches on benches.

Before the announcement of JUPITER ASCENDING, they were shopping around a script about a gay relationship between US soldier and an Iraqi, but it couldn’t find financing. I’m guessing this new film may be a tad more exciting.

Extra Tidbit: As part of a rev share deal, Keanu Reeves reportedly earned close to $200M for starring in THE MATRIX trilogy.
Source: Deadline



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