The Wachowskis steal from the rich for a modern take on Robin Hood

Just last week, Halle Berry made it sound like she'd be making a movie with THE MATRIX makers next year.

But the Wachowskis suddenly seem to have a full plate, since they're also working on HOOD, a "modern, urban take on the Robin Hood myth," according to THR.

The duo will direct the Warner Bros. project which is, unsurprisingly, "shrouded in secrecy." But it will obviously be a stylish contemporary twist on the legend of an outlaw and his jovial comrades who redistribute wealth, and in a different manner than Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe's recent pricey variation of the tale.

The Wachowskis apparently already penned a script, and put the feelers out for an appropriate hero, with Will Smith being rumored as a possibility.

Whether this project impacts their CLOUD ATLAS adaptation is unknown. Their clandestine futuristic cinéma vérité gay war romance COBALT NEURAL 9 also seems to be on the back burner for the moment as it continues to seek funding.

Extra Tidbit: No, they're not actually doing "Rocket Robin Hood", but it came up during image searching and reminded me I watched the cartoon as a kid. And brother, was it terrible.
Source: THR



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