The Wachowskis want Natalie Portman to star in their next sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending

After having given birth last year, Oscar winner Natalie Portman (THOR, BLACK SWAN) has been tending to more maternal duties and putting the silver screen on hold for the time being. But when she does decide to return, it could be in the Wachowskis' next sci-fi outing.

The film is JUPITER ASCENDING, an original sci-fi tale from the Wachowskis that has thus far been kept under heavy wraps. LA Times' 24 Frames is reporting that the sibling filmmakers are keen on getting their V FOR VENDETTA star Natalie Portman in the film. A source for 24 Frames added that the Oscar-winning actress is "seriously weighing taking the part." JUPITER ASCENDING is currently expected to go into production later this fall.

Meanwhile, the Wachowskis are currently hard at work on their other sci-fi film CLOUD ATLAS, starring Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry, and Susan Sarandon (not to mention the immortal Keith David). That one will be released sometime this October.



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