The Walking Dead reveals the first official glimpse of The Governor

THE WALKING DEAD does not begin it's third season until October, but AMC has already revealed the second biggest new character after Michonne wielding her samurai sword a few weeks ago.

Check out David Morrissey as The Governor.

While the look differs almost completely from what the comic book version looked like, I am hoping the change is merely cosmetic. David Morrissey is a fine actor but I was expecting someone more gritty and, well, rednecky for the role. In fact when the rumors abounded in season one that Michael Rooker's Merle Dixon may become The Governor, I was completely on board.

In fact, AMC has also revealed the first image of Merle's return in season 3, sans his right hand. I hope that Merle's return will spark some conflict between Rick's group, especially the reformed Daryl Dixon.

We may get a look at The Governor in action during AMC's two day marathon in July along with the black and white pilot episode.

What do you fans of THE WALKING DEAD think of new look for The Governor?

Extra Tidbit: Check out THE WALKING DEAD: RISE OF THE GOVERNOR novel. It is a pretty good read.
Source: AMC



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