The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer is here; premiere set for October 11th

As it has in years past, the trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead has premiered at Comic Con. Showcasing footage and plotlines that deviate from the Robert Kirkman comic book, the new season finds Rick and his band of survivors trying to acclimate to life in the Alexandria Safe Zone. But, cracks begin to appear as Rick comes to be at odds with Morgan, the first person he met when he awoke from his coma in the first season.

What is evident from this trailer is that the new season of The Walking Dead is going to focus on the human element of the factions forming in Alexandria, especially with Rick beginning to lose the support of Carol, Michonne, and even Daryl. The closing moments of the trailer even hint at Daryl getting some solo time. While nothing is certain, keep in mind that when Beth got solo time last season, it didn't end well for her.

We will have more coverage once the SDCC panel for The Walking Dead comes to a close, but the trailer did reveal that the season premiere will be October 11th. The premiere episode will also be an extended 90-minute episode. Stay tuned for more!

Source: YouTube



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