The We and The I may be Michel Gondry's most realistic film yet...maybe

Michel Gondry will be premiering his latest film, THE WE AND THE I, at the Cannes Film Festival in a couple of weeks and there are still mysteries as to what the movie is actually about. We now have a trailer for the film that appears to show a straight forward cinema verite style movie about New York City teenagers.

The trailer looks good. For a French dude, he certainly captures the urban lifestyle of the American teen. I like the use of non-actors to give it a more realistic feel and the humor feels more like how teens really talk and act compared to AMERICAN PIE or SUPERBAD.

Assuming that this movie is as straight forward as it appears to be, it could be a more heartfelt and positive movie than KIDS, which the trailer reminded me of. But, back when filming first began, Gondry had something more genre in mind for the movie.

The film centers on a group of school kids who travel into the future by mistake and discover a machine that keeps people younger. Here's the catch. That premise is evidently accurate... "for now." Does that mean this story is in flux as its shooting? Are they making it up as they go? Could it change from here on out?

Nothing in the trailer suggests any time travel or science fiction elements to this movie, but with Gondry you never can be sure. Hopefully more information will be revealed after the movie screens at Cannes.

What do you think of the trailer for THE WE AND THE I?

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