The Wolverine will be released in 3D and focus on a grittier, less CGI enhanced hero. Plus a new teaser poster!

As promised, James Mangold and Hugh Jackman held a live Q&A today and discussed THE WOLVERINE. While it was a brief session, there were some interesting reveals made.

Mangold revealed that THE WOLVERINE will take place after the events of X3: THE LAST STAND. He wanted to have Logan in a place where he has lost everything and everyone who mattered to him. It was also mentioned that since X3 served as an ending to the X-MEN trilogy it allowed them to develop a new world more grounded in reality.

Both Jackman and Mangold made several references to the film's titled, stating THE WOLVERINE captures exactly what they want from the character. They want to take him "lower, more desperate...more rage than ever before." Taking the classic 1982 Japanese story arc was also meant to juxtapose the history of Japan against a character who has "no duty, honor, or family" which are all important to that society.

They also mentioned the desire to ground THE WOLVERINE in more reality, which seems to be a common tactic since the release of THE DARK KNIGHT films. To achieve this, Mangold says they are "Pulling back on Wolverine's super abilities to make the movie more grounded, physical, and possible." Mangold says we will not see Wolverine take down an airplane (or helicopter as he did in X-MEN ORIGINS). They are trying to "bring things down to Earth to be a little less dependent on CGI." That is good news for us since seeing Wolverine battle in hand to hand combat with a visceral violence is what the character is all about, not goofy one-liners.

Jackman also promised a level of danger we have not seen yet. He specifically referenced something in THE WOLVERINE that Logan's enemies will use that acts as a sort of kryptonite for him.

This Q&A comes after the news revealed via Stark Industries earlier today that THE WOLVERINE will be post-converted to 3D. From everything shared by Mangold and Jackman today, I have a feeling the movie is going to be dark, which does not bode well for the 3D conversion process. But, time will tell.

THE WOLVERINE will be released on July 26, 2013.

The new teaser poster was also revealed on the official website. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: James Mangold specifically mentioned the movie THE OUTLAW JOSIE WALES and the novella BICENTENNIAL MAN as inspiration for THE WOLVERINE.



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