The Xenomorphs are taking over in new Alien: Covenant poster

Less than two months. That’s all you have to wait for the release of ALIEN: COVENANT. Just think about what you were doing that long ago. Waiting for LOGAN? Pssh, that movie’s older than Clint Eastwood now. Well, if two months is that arduous of a wait for you, I guess I can ease your burden with an awesome new poster that dropped today, which features the Xenomorphs dominating over some poor souls.

Take a gander at the artistry!

This is a bit of a departure from the other posters that said “Run,” and “Hide,” but still embraces the minimalist style. As you can see it looks like the ‘Morphs are taking over some folks (The Engineers we saw in PROMETHEUS, perhaps? Nah, probably just some bald dudes).  There’s a biblical, epic mythos vibe to the poster that capitalizes on the "path to paradise begins in hell" line, and I would totally be in favor of putting it up in the Sistine Chapel.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives May 19.

Source: Fox



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