The young Hunger Games cast assembles in interactive photo

I have a hunch that now that Harry Potter fever is over and Twilight dies down after the last two films, THE HUNGER GAMES will be the closest thing we have to a popular young adult book-adapted film franchise for a while.

Though some have read the books, most have not, and many of us are just getting familiar with the universe that pits kids against each other for food and supplies. Vanity Fair has a rather cool feature which is a big cast photo that you can see a preview of below.

But when you click it to go to their site, you can hover over each cast member to see who they are, who they’re playing and how they got the part. As most of these actors are in the early stages of their career or relative unknowns, it’s a cool little way to get to know them ahead of the coming series.

Click to head to the interactive picture, warning, there may be some spoilers ahoy.

Extra Tidbit: Josh Hutcherson looks like an entirely different human being.
Source: Vanity Fair



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