Theatrical trailer for black market thriller Inhale is now online

Dermot Mulroney is one of those "That Guy" character actors that's been around for years, steadily working and always clocking in solid performances. It also kind of seems like we're seeing more of him since David Fincher's ZODIAC and Joel & Ethan Coen's BURN AFTER READING (but, that might just be me).

With the thriller INHALE, we've got Mulroney in the lead opposite the lovely Diane Kruger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), Sam Shepard (ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES), Rosanna Arquette (PULP FICTION), Vincent Perez (THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS), and one of my favorite and always seemingly coked-out Spaniards, Jordi Mollà (BAD BOYS II).

Check out the trailer below or head over to Yahoo! Movies to see it in HD.

INHALE opens in limited release on October 22nd.

Synopsis: Every day, rising Santa Fe District Attorney Paul Staton and his wife, Diane, wait for word that there's a donor for their daughter, Chloe. Diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition, Chloe is on a long list to receive a double lung transplant. As her health worsens, Paul becomes desperate to save his young child, so desperate that he'll risk everything to organize an operation. When Paul learns of a Dr. Martinez who performs illegal transplants in Juarez, Mexico, he heads south in a frantic search for the only man who may be able to save Chloe. But after arriving, he realizes Dr. Martinez's medical ring runs deeper into a criminal underworld than he realized and people are not who they seem to be. With his career, family and his daughter's life on the line, Paul finds himself at a critical crossroads, left to decide what is really "right" in this world.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, Jordi MollĂ 's "Johnny Tapia" in BAD BOYS II might just be the best thing about that film. And he's f*cking great in BLOW, too.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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