Theme restaurant Medieval Times to become a movie

No, this is not a joke. Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. When you option a 30 year old reataurant to make it into a movie, you have hit a new low as an industry. While I will wait with bated breath for movie versions of Applebees, Red Robin, and IHOP, the first to become a movie will be Medieval Times.

According to Deadline, the chain restaurant that features knights, princesses, wenches, and jousting has been optioned by Benderspink and Broken Road who are pitching the project to studios. While pitches are like assholes (everyone has one), I would not be surprised if this actually happens. Benderspink is also producing THE HANGOVER PART III and WE'RE THE MILLERS. If they can get some big names on board for this, it would be a cross-promotional dream for everyone involved.

For me, all I can think of is my favorite scene from THE CABLE GUY. Say, if Jim Carrey can somehow get involved in this, that would be awesome!

Best scene ever!

Source: Deadline



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