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THERE WILL BE BLOOD is what I like to refer to as an 'event' film. It's an event because whenever a director of PT Anderson's quality, who doesn't have such a prolific output actually makes a film, it's something special. Similarly, whenever a rare-working but great actor like Daniel Day-Lewis decides to grace us with his cinematic presence, it is also something special. And when two great artists like that team up? Well, it's something really special. That's why I'm pleased to present to you the TRAILER for THERE WILL BE BLOOD, which is every bit as mesmerzing as this film promises to be. I haven't heard any buzz surrounding the film yet, but I'm sure it will hit soon and hard. The film is an adaptation of Upton Sinclair's novel OIL! and is story about an oil tycoon (Lewis) who strikes it rich in a small Texan town. The film opens on December 26th, just in time to be nominated for a bundle of Oscars.
Extra Tidbit: And yes, that's a picture of Daniel Day-Lewis in makeup for his role. UPDATE: That isn't Day-Lewis after all. It is indeed Vince Froio on the set of THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I've been had.
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